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This website is under active development. For now, expect information listed here to be incomplete, move around, or change completely. There may also be unfinished sections and broken pages.

This is a website for the EE Autonobots Club, a student organization at The University of Texas at Arlington that focuses on learning and working with autonomous vehicles and systems! Here you’ll find every lecture covered in general club meetings, documentation on using our robots, projects to work on, and ways to troubleshoot issues you’ll run into.

The Autonobots Wiki is the perfect reference for learning ROS and getting started on projects with autonomous robotics!

Interested in learning more about the Autonobots club? Check out the – page. Want to learn more about UTA’s Electrical Engineering program? Click here to see what UTA has to offer.

Ready to get started with ROS? Begin on the walkthrough tutorial for Lecture 1.


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